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Novels Novelty 20oz Tumbler

Novels Novelty 20oz Tumbler

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Tumbler : 20oz of Inspired Delight

Designed with your active lifestyle in mind, our 20oz Skinny Tumblers come complete with a secure lid and straw, making it the perfect companion for sipping on the go. Whether you're running errands, hitting the gym, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll, our tumbler ensures that your favorite beverage is always by your side.

Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks! Our Skinny Tumblers are engineered to keep your beverages icy cold for longer durations compared to traditional glassware. No more settling for tepid sips or rushing to finish your drink before it loses its chill. With our tumbler, every sip is refreshingly crisp and invigorating.

 Do not rub with alcohol or acetone as color will come off. Little fading over time with multiple washes is to be expected. Do not use abrasive soaps or sponges to clean. Wash before first use. 

 Upgrade today for a rubber bottom and stainless straw. 

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