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Sealestial Octopus Devon Pouch

Sealestial Octopus Devon Pouch

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Wristlet - Small yet loud

Introducing the Wristlet Pouch, a compact accessory that packs a punch. These small yet powerful pouches feature a front zipper pocket and a convenient wristlet strap. Whether you're dashing in and out of stores or hitting up the bar scene, these pouches are designed to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle.

If you're a minimalist at heart, this pouch is tailor-made for you. Despite its small size, it can accommodate all your essentials, including cards, keys, receipts, and medium to small phones. Stay organized and effortlessly carry everything you need in one stylish package.

Measuring at 7 ¼" wide by 5" tall and 1 ½" deep, this Wristlet Pouch is the perfect size to slide into your handbag or carry on its own. Its compact yet practical design ensures you have all your important items within reach without weighing you down.

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